Have you formed a perception regarding you as one of the driest and angry young man kind of a person, WhatsApp can help you eradicate it. I am sure you must have heard or even might be using a WhastApp status message feature that is around now for quite a while. This feature can aid you revamp your impression amongst other people, whom you know in real life and are also in your contact list of WhatsApp. Your question would be how, trust me it’s so simple, it only requires you to understand the significance of – WhatsApp status messages adequate utilization.

I am saying adequate use because now days we see lots you teenagers profiles, which does look weird one they choose to set strange profile pictures and secondly post annoying or say offending status messages on their profiles. As these two are the main sources to make or break your WhatsApp profile impression in the first glance.

These two elements are important to be well taken care of and also to show that you are fun loving person not a boring one. So, the first thing you can start doing for showing the funny side of you is by posting funny like crazy substance comprising funny status messages – posting on your WhatsApp profile. And finding these amazingly funny status messages has become so easy that various websites have started dedicating section like funny Whatsapp status for teenagers, which are decked with an amazing collection of status messages for interested visitors.

So, make use of these online archives filled with funny Whatsapp status messages and adorn your profile with one after another better hilarious status message. This will ultimately let you showcase good sense of humor. On the other hand, you can always improvise on the existing status messages by altering their substance as per your own consent helping you and other contacts to relate. Even you can write a completely unique status message as per your mind set, for presenting funny side of you to all your WhatsApp contacts – as well as random profile visitors to.

Wrapping Up:

Thus, as we have elaborated that how this simple looking untapped feature of WhatsApp status messages can help you in showcasing your sense of humor. Also, it’s so easy to use this feature that you just have to copy and paste any text as a status message – or you can type a raw status at any point of time himself.