If we consider the most frequently googled keywords watch Hollywood movies in HD would be amongst the top searches on Google, and also on other great search engines. There are many websites exists online which permits its users to watch movies online for free. So, the people who are using Windows PC or another operating system can search and watch movies on several available websites online, But, the question her can Smartphone users too can stream movies online. The answer is yes; there is an app called Showbox. This app is a popular one to stream and even download Hollywood movies and TV shows on it for free.

This app is for some reasons are not available on the official Android and iOS app stores, however, available to download from the internet quickly. This app has got an immense collection of movies and TV shows on it, that too gets frequently updated – with new content is being added. So, it’s the most amazing free app to watch movies online and even download from your Smartphone.

But, the feature that might get ignored is the apps feature to offer every movie and show in three video qualities. These equalities are named as low, medium and high that permit its users to select and stream or download any movie in their desired video quality.

But, the real advantage of this feature of Showbox that as a user can watch movies and shows in HD quality. As, most of the movie freak often remains in the hunt of HD video quality of the Hollywood movies to watch or download. As the true leisure of watching any movie is in HD quality that makes movie watching a proper treat – if it is in HD quality.

Therefore, the Showbox app is the most apt Smartphone app to stream movies in HD quality for users – whenever they wish to watch them. So, all those Smartphone users, who were in hunt of an appropriate app to stream and watch Hollywood movies in HD quality – can now simply download and install Showbox app. The app will let you browse and stream movies and shows of their choice from Showbox in excellent quality. Moreover, as there is as feature of downloading to, you can either download it to apps library fraction. And then this content can be watched in either apps own video player and also in your Smartphone stock or third-party installed player.

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Thus, Showbox is an essential app to have installed in your Android and iOS devices to watch movies in HD quality.