Best Recommended Video Editors 2017

Want to put your own videos on an Android device? Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, ZTE … I'll give you my list of the top 5 Android video editors.

Want to edit videos on Android? If you have recorded the video on your mobile or tablet and want to do the assembly directly there, without leaving the device and without going through a computer, you have to know the editing applications specially designed for use in Android mobile phones. These editors allow you to cut the planes, put them in the order you want, make transitions, add music, titration, image filters … We start the other way, from 5th to 1st.

Movie Edit Touch, Android video editor

For starters, I leave you the video with the summary of my top 5 video editing apps for Android devices.This video editor is developed by Magix, a company with a long tradition in computer video editing. With Movie Edit Touch you can edit on both mobile and tablets, edit with videos or with photos. Add music, titration, transitions between planes, apply image filters, modify the brightness, contrast, saturation … Used with the device horizontally, as when recording, and is very easy to use. Includes a tutorial if you need help the first few times. Remember, in the 5th place, Movie Edit Touch.

Viva Video, to edit videos on Android

Viva Video is an all in one. Just start you have the option to choose the type of project: edit a video, create a video with photos, make music videos or video collages. You can edit with effect templates and predefined transitions, which you manage from the Materials section, downloading new possibilities. It is handled in an easy way, with many possibilities; Even stickers can be used. Also, you can use Filmora video editor for that is better than Viva app, but Filmora is only available for PC at the moment. here is filmora licensed email and registration code if you don't want to buy.

Power Director, very popular Android video editor

It's an application from the Cyberlink house, the PowerDVD video player, which I used when I saw the first DVDs on my computer, a lot of years ago. By developing Power Director for Android and Windows, they have created a classic video interface editor with a very current design, placing a timeline at the bottom of the screen and easy access to all videos, photos and options on the upper part. It presents a more traditional way of editing, but very intuitive at the same time. You can create videos with music, titles, effects, transitions, image layers and stickers. It has an initial option that makes suggestions as you advance in the handling of the edition, but if you already know you can disable it.

Videopad, the first great Android video editor on tablet

I tested Videopad for the first time on my Nexus 7 tablet a couple of years ago and it has not been compatible with mobile phones until recently: now you can also use it on your Android phone. Its interface reminds you of computer editing programs, in fact it looks old, but in return it is full of possibilities: filters, transitions, effects, even allows you to combine several of them. It is much more complete than the previous applications in the part of audio, allowing to configure the volume, sound effects and record locutions. Also the personalization in the export is the most complete. I recommend using it in devices of high resolution, type tablet or phablet, since its adaptation to the mobile is not as successful as the other applications. Or if you can't use then download video editor by Gilisoft to edit videos on PC.

KineMaster, the best video editor for Android mobile phone

The most complete Android video editor of all, especially for the mobile is Kinemaster. Its interface maintains the classic windows, with a very current design. It allows you to work with more than one audio and video track, make locutions, add video layers, with writing, titles, stickers, images … You can use photos, videos and record video from the application. It has different themes for your videos to leave the usual, issues that you can expand if you run out, just like the labels or stickers. For me, it is the most interesting of the 5 video editing applications on Android.